My Journey


I boarded my train to healthy lifestyle 5 years back in the year 2014 when I desperately wanted to shed a few kgs (10-15). My journey to weight loss was much more than losing weight, it wasn’t about shedding few kgs and be thin, but to change my lifestyle in a way that I can carry forever. So whenever you decide about losing some weight, you go online and google ‘weight loss’ and experts from all around the world will give you different diet plans.
When I started my journey to weight loss, I started walking, gained some stamina and then I was able to run a few km without a break.
With time, my interest grew and I never needed external motivation to do so. I lost weight, felt so much better, energized and active. I was looking forward to my workouts. I never eliminated anything from my diet. I just swapped my high-fat snacks with healthier options and increased my water intake as well. One thing that my journey to weight loss taught me is that if we want to stay fit forever we have to change our lifestyle. I reached my desired physique and then another question raised that how to maintain that because losing weight is easier than maintaining it. Once you lose weight and continue your old eating habits than you will get back to the starting point, which no one wants. But, thanks to my changed lifestyle, I never looked back at my old eating habits and, exercise became part of my daily life, now I’m a regular gym-goer(there are rest days and cheat meals too ). From that day to now, I make sure that I make better food choices and stay active. My interest only grew with time, and now I am here, sharing my weight loss story with you.
Weight loss should never be your only aim, It’s just a starting point.
You have to change your lifestyle if you want to enjoy your results.
And who said eating healthy would be boring, go and try all the good stuff out there, you’ll never regret your decision. And the good news is that you’ll not only stay fit and healthy, but you’ll also look younger :p 🙂 So, Stay consistent, stay active and stay happy. 🙂
Join us in your journey to a healthy lifestyle ( not just for weight loss) and love what you eat.
Lastly, don’t forget to love yourself, you’re beautiful.
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Thanks for your love and time:)