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Tips for managing pandemic stress and anxiety


Pandemic has stirred our lives in many ways. Most of us are working from home, attending online classes, staying in touch with friends and family through video calls. And, all of this is creating an impact on our physical and mental health. The instructions from doctors like maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask, staying at home, etc., are essential as they will help us stay safe. But, they have also increased a feeling of isolation and loneliness among many. So,…

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Tips to stay healthy while working from home


Work from home(WFH), these words sound pleasant for many. You don’t have to put extra effort into dressing up for the office, reach the office through all that traffic, get up in the morning, and then run to the office. Hit the snooze and sleep for some extra hours, the majority do that. You can attend a call directly from the couch or even a better place- bed. What else does a person need? You can do much of your…

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Cauliflower VS broccoli: Health benefits and Taste


Cauliflower and Broccoli, belonging to the same family of plants, are often compared with each there. Being a cruciferous vegetable, they both are rich in nutrients essential for our body- Still, the battle between the two continues. Some believe that one is better than the other, and it’s just a color difference for others. However, there’s a difference between the two, and that difference will help you decide which one will go to your cart. Let’s start the cauliflower VS…

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Why is weight-lifting form more important than weight?


All the gym-goers can understand the joy of adding more plates or using a heavy dumbbell. Adding more weight while exercising indicates that you’re getting stronger than before. And, yes, it is an achievement and probably one of the best feelings. But, are you doing it right? At what expense is it coming? – Maybe it at the cost of proper form. All of us have witnessed someone, or sometimes we might have attempted to lift heavy without a proper form. But,…

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Dipping sauces: How healthy are they?

dipping sauces

I eat super healthy these days and still can’t feel the change in my body or weighing scale. Trust me; this is the most frustrating part of any weight loss journey. You’re making all the required changes in your diet and lifestyle, but the scale doesn’t move an inch. There can be plenty of reasons behind this. Maybe you’ve hit a weight loss plateau, or you’re binge eating healthy food(calories still count), or the condiments you’re eating to give your…

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