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10 ways to celebrate a guilt-free Diwali

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It’s that time of the year when all of us indulge in those tempting high-calorie sweets. Though, most of us regret it later. Here’s a deal, we will share 10 ways to celebrate a guilt-free Diwali. So, grab a bowl of your favorite halva or piece of your favorite mithai(sweets) and indulge guilt-free. 

The festive season is about enjoying those tempting sweets, and many of us regret doing that after those festivals. Our chances of bingeing on halva, sweets, or snacks increase because of shopping, parties, vacations, and family get-togethers. The festive season is probably the best time to indulge guilt-free and enjoy with friends and family. So, why regret it later? Let’s get started and learn best practices to enjoy guilt-free.

Tips for guilt-free festive indulgence:

sweets guilt-free

  1. Have a proper meal before going shopping. There’s no problem in enjoying that tasty street food or sweets, but they add additional calories. Buy a small portion and enjoy guilt-free. 
  2. Choose healthy snack options during family get-togethers or Diwali parties. Now, this is something rare, and we can understand this. People often choose ready-made snacks which are not as healthy as home-cooked ones. Trust me, there are plenty of healthy and tasty snack options to choose from, and here’s our list of Indian snacks for parties: How to host a healthy party? So, choose your snacks wisely.
  3. Plan your meals wisely. Planning your meals will allow you to save some calories for your parties. Have a protein-rich meal that will keep you full for longer, and enjoy your favorite sweets or snacks at a party.
  4. Choose small plates. This tip might sound childish, but small plates will allow you to enjoy your mithai, halwa, or snacks without over-eating. So, the plate matters, and so does the portion size. 
  5. Sit and eat peacefully. Avoid roaming here and there with your plate. You might lose track of what goes inside your stomach. So, eat slowly, enjoy every bite, and you’ll experience satisfaction with your meal. 
  6. Stay active and exercise because it will allow you to burn extra calories. Walk, play with kids, clean your house, and there’s so much you can do to burn those additional calories. 
  7. Prepare your meals, sweets, or snacks. We know this is not an easy task, but preparing your food will allow you to control the ingredients and their quantity. 
  8. Drink, drink and drink. We are not talking about alcohol here. 😛 Drinking more water will allow you to stay hydrated, curb appetite and boost metabolism. So, digest those festive treats and indulge guilt-free. 
  9. Dance it out because it is the best way to burn extra calories while enjoying the party with your loved ones. Dancing is probably the easiest way to burn calories during the festive season. 
  10. Don’t be harsh on yourself. We deserve those sweets(mithai) and other treats, especially during the festive season. Try these tips and enjoy the festive season without any regrets. 


Staying active and maintaining a healthy weight are important. It is okay to enjoy our favorite food too. The festive season is all about enjoying ourselves with friends and families. So, don’t panic and get back to your workout sessions after the festive season with full energy. It’s okay to skip a few workout sessions during a busy festive season. Make sure you get back on track. 

These festivals give us an opportunity to spend some time together. So, why regret those beautiful times when we can follow a few simple steps?

We wish you a very Happy Diwali. 🙂 

celebrate guilt-free diwali

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