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Is Dark chocolate healthy?


Chocolates have a special place in our hearts, and it is not new. All of us like them since our childhood days, and it is still one of the best gift options. We were told not to eat them in excess as they might have negative health outcomes. On the contrary, it is believed that dark chocolate is a healthier alternative.  The Health benefits of dark chocolates might differ with brands, and their nutritional value depends on their ingredients. It…

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is Jaggery a healthier sugar substitute?

Our favorite festive season is here, and all of us know that we can't resist the Indian dessert. The enormous amount of sugar in them can be unhealthy if consumed in excess. But, you can make those yummy sweets at home and give them your touch. You can substitute some of the ingredients and immediately magnify the health benefits of your beloved desserts. Let's check out the health benefits of jaggery and is it a healthy sugar substitute?…

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