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How alcohol impacts your weight loss?

How alcohol impacts your weight loss

Drinking alcohol is one of the most preferred ways to celebrate something. Sad? Happy? – Alcohol is the solution for many.  Though, this is not true for everyone. But, for many, this is the rule. With the increasing intake of alcoholic drinks, it is essential to dig deeper to know their impact on mental health and physical health. I have met so many people who find it difficult to lose weight or maintain weight. Losing weight is challenging and, this…

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How gratitude improves your life?

How gratitude improves your life?

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. Being grateful every day has the potential to improve your mental and physical health. All of us being busy often forget to be grateful for all the little things we have. But, gratitude can improve your life, and most of the time, it will also impact society. Gratitude improves your life to a great extent. And, the short story below will tell you how important it is to acknowledge small things in life.…

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Dipping sauces: How healthy are they?

dipping sauces

I eat super healthy these days and still can’t feel the change in my body or weighing scale. Trust me; this is the most frustrating part of any weight loss journey. You’re making all the required changes in your diet and lifestyle, but the scale doesn’t move an inch. There can be plenty of reasons behind this. Maybe you’ve hit a weight loss plateau, or you’re binge eating healthy food(calories still count), or the condiments you’re eating to give your…

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