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Energy bars vs Protein Bars


In the middle of a long day, when your fuel reserves dip, the idea of a Protein Bar and Energy Bar strikes your head and when you walk down any grocery store aisle, this will grab your attention for sure if you’re looking for something healthy. But the search for a healthy yet tasty snack doesn’t end here, there’s a lot more it has to offer and you have to scan the ingredient list (for that surprise). How healthy are those protein bars (or a candy bar in disguise)? Let’s see who wins the battle: Energy bars VS Protein Bars

Energy bars VS Protein Bars:

Energy bars VS Protein Bars:
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Want to lose weight? Increase in protein intake. Want to build muscles? Increase in Protein intake. Protein is the answer to so many health-related issues. It’s also a building block for your muscles, skin, bones, blood, and cartilage. There’s a lot it does for our bodies. Protein Bars can be a good snack option depending on how you’re choosing them and how good you’re at analyzing labels. Labels can make your work easier and will help you in deciding which one to choose depending on your goals. “What you see isn’t always what you get”- This goes best with both protein and energy bars.

Protein Bars:

Protein Bars are not energy bars, energy bars are loaded with carbohydrates(often in a form of sugar). They give you quick-fix energy but can leave you hungry and tired soon after. Protein bars contain relatively low amounts of carbs and more protein and useful nutrients. Some of them are very low in carbs and sugar. Few protein bars are healthy snack options while few are meant to be eaten after exercise. Choose what fits your requirements. They both are on-the-go snacks or small meal replacements. They can offer a boost of protein for relatively fewer calories, but eggs are still a much better option.

Energy Bars:

Energy Bars do have some amount of protein, carbs, fiber, and vitamins, but the fat versions might come as a catastrophe in disguise. The energy in ‘energy bars’ refers to ‘calories‘. They won’t boost your energy level any better than real food. They are a good option for a mid-day snack but can’t replace a meal, they don’t have disease-fighting phytochemicals which are found in vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains. To make them tastier they are loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners.


They may provide you instant energy but it comes at a cost. The makers want you to believe that you can have the best of both worlds and are just candy bars in disguise. They can provide you with a lot of unwanted stuff which you don’t need, so go for natural snacks which are much cheaper and healthier options.

Check out our healthier bar options and the best part is that they’re vegan 😛 : 5 Affordable Vegan Protein Bars – yourveganspace

Now you know the difference between Energy Bars and Protein Bars, So choose what fits your fitness goals. Listen to the labels and understand what are they trying to convey. Read what you eat and don’t let the industry fool you with their definition of a healthy snack.

Stay fit! Stay healthy! Stay active!

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