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Spot reduction: Crush the myth now

Almost all of us look for magical solutions for our certain body parts to change them the way we want. This desire of ours drives us to search for targeted fat loss, also known as spot reduction methods.  Yaar, Mera Baki sab to thik hai, bas thoda paet Kam ho Jaye! I have experienced this during my weight loss journey. For me, my targeted areas were the thighs and belly. So, I searched every exercise that can help me lose…

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Why rest days are important?


The gym is not the only place to work out. So, home workouts come to rescue. Don’t use this excuse to stay inactive.Eat well! The biggest blunder one can do is to get back to old eating habits and sitting for too long. A common mistake people make when they stop lifting weights is they stop doing any kind of exercise and eat whatever they please.Add little activity in your daily routine and avoid being a couch potato. Eat good…

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