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75 years of Independence

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75 Years of the Indian Health Industry and its contribution

75 Years if Independence

India is celebrating its 75 years of Independence this year. So, this makes it one of the best times to celebrate the 75 years of the Indian health and wellness industry. We dedicate this post to the Indian health industry and will discuss the contribution of the healthcare sector in India.  The evolution of the healthcare sector from ancient times to the present is outstanding. Also, the pandemic played an important role here as more and more people started focusing…

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Mighty India Nutrition Boomerang


celebrating Assamese cuisine

In our series- Celebrating Indian food, let’s begin with the Gateway of northeast India- Guwahati(Assam). Assam is known for its scenic beauty and amazing cuisine. In this post, we will explore the Assamese cuisine and food you can enjoy on your visit to Assam. Before that, let us put some facts about this incredible state.  Being an Air Force brat, I have spent my life traveling to various states throughout India. I have spent almost 3-4 years of my life…

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Mighty India Nutrition Boomerang

Celebrating Indian food


India is known for its diverse culture. Our Indian food is famous across borders, all thanks to the Indian diaspora. All of our Indian states are famous for something or the other. I can assure you that our Indian cuisine can keep you healthier. So, we are going to start a series of blog posts, where we will talk about different state food and their benefits. India will be celebrating its 75 years of Independence on 15 August 2022, so…

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