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Student of life: A philosophy to live by

happy teacher's day life

Teacher’s day is here, and we appreciate their role in our lives. So, let’s see the significance of the teacher’s day, why it is celebrated and how all of us are the student of life. The experiences and interactions since our early childhood days shape our lives to a greater extent. So, no matter who we are and where we start, our early childhood experiences and parents will play the biggest role. Here we will learn about being a student…

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Children need humans, not screens

Childhood is one of the most crucial phases of life. Make sure they spend this in the “real world”. Children need humans, not screens.  Increasing screen time is detrimental not only for child’s mental health but also creates a significant impact on their physical health. Technology with time will only penetrate deeper into our life as we move towards digital India. But, its impact on future generations could be more adverse.  You might wonder, why? Technology has made our lives…

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