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Nutrition Boomerang

How does your music playlist improve workouts?

Music and workout always go well together. And, most of us will agree with this because of personal experiences. For some picking themselves from the couch and exercising is victory. But, staying motivated throughout the workout isn’t easy. So, here music plays a significant role, and let’s see how. And, the reasons are more than just personal experiences. No one would like to forget their earphones while heading for a workout, and the study shows that two out of three people cut…

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Healthy Mind

Tips for managing pandemic stress and anxiety


Pandemic has stirred our lives in many ways. Most of us are working from home, attending online classes, staying in touch with friends and family through video calls. And, all of this is creating an impact on our physical and mental health. The instructions from doctors like maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask, staying at home, etc., are essential as they will help us stay safe. But, they have also increased a feeling of isolation and loneliness among many. So,…

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