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Eating disorder: Types and Symptoms

eating disorder

Eating disorder plays with mental health and physical health, and most of the time, it is the most neglected disorder. This term may sound like it is related to the food we eat, but it’s more than that. It is a psychological condition that causes unhealthy eating habits. An attraction with food, body weight, or body size might be the starting point of developing eating disorders.  Almost everyone in the world is now conscious about their health, eating habits, or…

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Nutrition Boomerang

brown rice vs white rice: nutritional facts


Brown rice and white rice have their own pros and cons. A simple nutritional value comparison can help you decide your diet partner.Here, I have compared the India gate rice, this way you can compare different brands and choose the one you like.No specific food is going to make you fat if consumed in moderation and within the calorie requirements. Keep the portion size in check and stay active. A good healthy diet with a good workout routine will help…

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