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Winter foods to keep yourself warm and healthy

winter foods to keep yourself warm and healthy

With the drop in temperature, most of us witness a dip in our motivation to eat healthily and workout too. The holiday season is also around the corner, which gives us the reason to eat whatever we want without thinking much about the winter weight gain. Though one should not miss the winter workouts, the number of benefits it has can encourage us to step outside. But, eating anything without concerning much about its nutritional benefits can make all those…

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Food and mood: How food impacts mental health?


All of us are conscious of the impact of food on our bodies, and we also follow a special diet when it comes to shaping our bodies. Food has effects on mental health too, which we can’t even identify sometimes. And ignoring them in the long term can cause serious mental health issues. Food and mood are interrelated; it is essential to build a healthy relationship to enjoy physical and mental health benefits. Take care of your brain by providing…

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