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Food cravings: Why they happen and how to deal with them?

Food cravings

Food cravings are a nightmare for many, especially for weight watchers or dieters who’re trying to lose weight. Cravings are an intense and uncontrollable desire for specific foods, mainly rich in sugar, and most of the time, it’s for food rich in fats. It is always easy to lose weight than maintaining it. And cravings can thus increase both of your problems. One of losing weight, cravings come with extra calories too. And also, these cravings make it difficult to…

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Snack right, night owls

Take regular meals and fit your grocery list before shopping to avoid making poor food preferences. Master the art of mindful eating. Eat, move and sleep better every day. Avoid anything loaded with sugar and carb before bed. They can wreck your sleep. Better choices throughout the day will improve the quality of sleep. Don't fall into the trap of mindless eating.Learn more about mindful eating in the next blog and how to improve your eating habits.…

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