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Walk, jog, or run?- What is best for you?

Walk, Run, or jog: What is best for you?

Walk, jog, or run? – This is the most common dilemma which people face. There are various assumptions regarding them. So, what’s your pick?  All of us are aware of the benefits of staying active. We already have put a lot of emphasis on the importance of physical activity, and how it saves you from many cardiovascular diseases like- heart attack, high blood pressure, etc.  All of these exercises will not only protect you from diseases but will also keep…

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Why is weight-lifting form more important than weight?


All the gym-goers can understand the joy of adding more plates or using a heavy dumbbell. Adding more weight while exercising indicates that you’re getting stronger than before. And, yes, it is an achievement and probably one of the best feelings. But, are you doing it right? At what expense is it coming? – Maybe it at the cost of proper form. All of us have witnessed someone, or sometimes we might have attempted to lift heavy without a proper form. But,…

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