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Why should you include HIIT in your workout routine?

High-intensity interval training(HIIT) includes short, intense workouts. In these workouts, a person performs an intense¬†cardiovascular exercise for around 30 to 60 seconds. And, this is¬†followed by a shorter recovery period. Here we will discuss few benefits of including HIIT in your workout routine. Fitness is not only about exercise. It includes physical health, mental health, and a well-balanced diet. Also, when a person starts exercising, a time comes where a weight loss process will either slow down or die. This…

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10 myths regarding women strength training


There are so many myths regarding female weight training. Girls at the gym are often bombarded with so many suggestions concerning this. Break your myths regarding weight training and include the given exercises in your workout routine. You'll see a difference for sure. PS. The workouts here will help you get those abs as well. Train harder ! Stay strong ! Stay fit !…

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