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Your child can learn about money, finance, mathematics, and other important topics with fun online games. Let us share about an amazing place where you would like your child to spend some time. Learning about money and finance through games can be an effective and enjoyable way to improve their understanding about these so-called complex topics.

Pros of online games:

  1. Games are engaging: Games are inherently super engaging and all of us have to agree. Let’s recall those days when we spent our days playing games. They make learning fun and interactive. So, it’s easy to persuade your child.
  2. Hands-On Learning: There are some amazing websites that allow us to learn through real life scenerios and also provide the better experience. Learn and apply what you’ve learnt and evaluate the consequences in the safe environment. πŸ˜› Make some decisions and start learning. πŸ˜€
  3. Decision-Making Skills: Playing these games can enhance your critical thinking and decision-making skills, which are valuable in real-world.
  4. Upgrade your skills: These games have levels and they require you to complete certain challenges to reach the next. Such online games helps us in increasing problem solving attitude. So, learn, upgrade your skills, and compete with yourself to reach the next level.
  5. Motivation: Games often include rewards, achievements, or challenges that motivate you to continue learning and improving your skills. But make sure you engage your parents in transactions that involves monetary rewards.

Cons of Online games:

Everything has its pros and cons. However, the impact depends on the person dealing with it. 

  1. Excess screen time can harm physical health. These games demand long sitting hours and can result in shoulder or back pain. Staring at screens can lead to eye problems as well. One can fix their gaming hours, improve sitting posture and include physical activity in their routine to maintain a healthy balance.
  2. Excess time on online gaming platforms can lead to addiction that later results in anxiety and sleeplessness. Fix your gaming hours and focus on other responsibilities as well.
  3. Laziness and lack of physical activity could result in weight gain. Also, a lack of outdoor games can impact socializing behaviors.
  4. Addiction and too much time on gaming platforms can impact academic performance. Many gamers procrastinate on their studying or ignore a deadline for their work. 
  5. Anonymity boosts cyberbullying as people aren’t accountable and can make negative remarks which impact the person.

Let us introduce you to an amazing website, that help you upskill: Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator:

You are going to love this website, trust us ! This is the first time I have seen a website that offers games through which one can learn so much. Let us share our experience about the games we loved the most. They have different categories like: Money Games, Real Estate Games, Grocery Store Games, Software Development games, Environmental games, to name a few. Just visit their website and explore those amazing options.

Online games
  1. Supermarket Numbers: If your child is struggling with basic mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, then you can make them learn with this super awesome game. All you to do if target the number present at the top left corner. Start selecting the blocks to reach that targeted number. As you proceed , you will get additional blocks like subtraction, multiplication, and division. However, as you progress through the game, the challenge intensifies. These new elements add a layer of complexity to your decision-making process, requiring you to carefully consider which blocks to select and how to incorporate them into your equation. Fill the shopping cart meter to 100% to move on to the next stage & play through all 10 levels.
  2. Cash Back: Cash back is an other game, that will help your child to learn basic mathematics concept that are required in daily life. Just focus on the billing amount and the change you have to return to the customer. Select the settings you wish to play including difficulty level (easy, medium, or hard), hints, and if you want to show the change amount. Apply various combinations so long as the final sum total precisely matches the change due.
  3. Real Estate Tycoon: If you want to make sure that your child understands the value of investment, then this game surely help them. The property prices rises and falls, and you have to make the most out of them by buying them at the lowest and selling at the highest. When a new building is introduced, its value usually rises. However, these buildings eventually reach a peak and they may even decline in value. As you get further into the game buildings appear more quickly. It helps children manage their attention and track trends. The game has 3 modes: Career Mode, Time Trial Mode, and Endless mode. So, go and explore yourself. πŸ˜€
  4. Tap Supermarket: If you want your child to learn some management skills, then this game can surely help you. This grocery store simulation online game is where you manage stocking a grocery store, check out customers, and use profits to expand your product line. Restock the products, manage your customers, and use your in game earnings to purchase new display racks to expand your store inventory. You can also use your experience to purchase unlocks on a second check out lane and a third grocery stocker.
Online money games

The platform provides game details at the bottom and thus makes every game super easy to learn and play. 

Visit the website and start playing now.

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