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Break your myths about sugar


Sugar is a natural ingredient and a soluble carbohydrate that is responsible for the sweetness in food. There are many different types of sugar available in the market and there is a never-ending debate between brown sugar and white sugar. If you’re a diet conscious person, you would want to know the difference between the two and as they say, brown rice is better than white rice, brown bread is better than white bread, then you’re more likely to fall into their traps of calling brown sugar is better than the white sugar. Let’s break the myths about sugar and see which one is better.

Apart from these two, there are many different types of sugar available in the market. Here’s the list :

  1. Granulated Sugar (Table Sugar): It is a multipurpose sugar and is highly refined.
  2. Caster Sugar: Superfine granulated white sugar and dissolve much quicker than the granulated sugar.
  3. Confectioners Sugar: It is referred to as powdered sugar and to prevent clumping, a small amount of cornstarch is blended in it.
  4. Pearl Sugar( nib or hail sugar): It has a hard texture and is opaque in color.
  5. Sanding Sugar: Used in baked goods to add crunch and extra texture.
  6. Cane Sugar: It is derived from a sugarcane plant and is minimally processed which makes it retain the dark color. It costs higher than the others.
  7. Demerara Sugar: It is a variety of raw can sugar and is minimally refined. It has large particles, amber color, and subtle molasses flavor.
  8. Turbinado Sugar: It has large medium brown crystals and often referred to as standard brown sugar. It has a delicate caramel flavor.
  9. Muscovado Sugar: It is unrefined cane sugar and molasses aren’t removed which results in rich complex flavor stronger than the brown sugar. It has a sticky, wet, and sandy texture.
  10. Light Brown Sugar: Sugar with little molasses and delicate caramel flavor.
  11. Dark Brown Sugar: Refined white sugar with molasses is dark brown sugar and it has a strong intense flavor when compared to light brown sugar.

Myths about sugar:

All types of sugar fall into two categories i.e. White Sugar and Brown Sugar.

Both of them are derived from the sugarcane plant and Sugar beets. Molasses which is a type of sugar-derived syrup separates one from another. White sugar undergoes purifying process and molasses are completely removed whereas brown sugar undergoes less and retains molasses which gives it a brown color and adds a little nutritional value.

The amount of calcium, iron, and potassium brown sugar provides is insignificant. The calorie difference between the two is minimal (17 calories/4 gram for brown and 16 calories/ 4 gram for white).

Finally, sugar is sugar and there’s no considerable difference between the two which can claim one is better than others.

Uses: They can be used in different ways while cooking. Molasses content in brown sugar helps to retain moisture which makes the baked goods softer yet denser. On the other hand, the baked goods with white sugar will rise grater, allowing more air into the dough and resulting in an airier texture.


To conclude, both white and brown sugar have the same amount of calories and have insignificant nutritional differences. They differ only in taste, color, and texture. So, don’t fall into this trap and choose according to your preferences


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