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In this busy world, it’s sometimes difficult to manage health, fitness, work, family, and everything. But, there are so many fitness apps that can help us track our daily activities, the food we eat, the workout we do, everything just on one single tap. All thanks to technology! 

There are thousands of apps that can help us achieve our fitness goals, and track our calories as well. So, you don’t have to worry about the place where you’re. Just one tap and you get the list of workouts you can do at home and gym as well.

There are so many goods to these apps : 

  1. Fitness apps can help you track your progress: A journey to fitness starts with a proper plan and a set of goals that you want to achieve. However, sometimes it gets difficult to track the progress of the new diet and workout plans. So, these apps will tell you, if you’re in the right direction or you need a new plan. There are apps in which you can log your calorie intake, your daily routine, your fitness regime, and your fitness goals. They will calculate the total calorie intake and the total calories burnt, which will help you check if you’re calorie deficit or calorie excess. This check is one of the major things you can do to reach your goals and stay one step ahead. Few apps are there to encourage you during your workout session through encouraging comments and will guide you on a few exercises as well.
  2. Motivation: These apps will help you stay motivated and will make sure that you stay active throughout the day. Logging in the workout details will also remind you about the new heaviest lift, fastest mile, highest caloric burn or the longest workout, which will tell you how far you have come and how close you’re to your fitness goals. You’ll be notified about your next workout and few apps provide you the workout routine as well for the next day(depending on what you’ve done in your previous workout session). You can adjust the notification timing and workout frequency as you need.
  3. They are affordable and accessible: Tons of apps are there on play store which you can download for free. Few apps provide you with a complete diet and workout plan for free and they might charge you monthly but remember they are worth spending your money. Gyms are now almost everywhere, and these apps will make your gym- workout more affordable if you’re looking for a personal trainer. Let them be your trainer and guide you throughout your journey towards the body you want. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for a personal trainer, if you have some medical issues, injuries, or anything, then you should consider training under them. Because health and safety are important. Most of the apps will also provide a home-workouts,no-equipment workout, gym workout, HIIT, etc. and all the workouts will have three levels-beginner, intermediate and advanced. So, welcome the newbies! Just select your fitness level while setting up the account and you’ll get the list of workouts planned, and the difficulty level will keep on increasing as time proceeds. This is the best way to track the strength you’ve gained and keeps you motivated as well.
  4. Train where ever you want: Indoor or Outdoor, where ever you want. You can track everything in just one tap. You don’t even have to bother about the weather outside. Just log in the details and the type (Indoor Or Outdoor), you’re good to go. Get new ideas every day about workouts and tips.
  5. Keep a track on your diets: You must have heard that,” anyone can workout for 1 hour, but the real challenge begins in the kitchen “.These apps will not only make the workouts easy but can also save your time in the kitchen. Diet is the most important of any fitness routines, whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or build muscles. There are many apps to monitor your diet and suggest your healthy methods of cooking, they will also help you to choose healthy food options near you. You can also know the number of calories your meal contains and how many calories you need to burn. 
  6. Stay connected with the people having the same fitness goals: If you think you can’t be consistent with your workouts, these apps are going to connect you with buddies with the same fitness goals and motivate each other to reach that goal. This helps in building an inspiring community of health lovers and even offers healthy and fun competitions among the members.

Tons of apps are available online on just one tap. Here is a list of few apps that can surely help you with the diet and workout :

  1. GOOGLE FIT – FITNESS TRACKING: You name a problem and google has all the solutions for it. Google is solving all our problems for ages, so why not fitness? Google Fit app will mark your speed, pace, route, elevation, etc., and show you real-time stats of your running, walking, and riding events. You can also see the time, speed, distance and calorie burn. It is perfect for home-workouts and a good competitor among the best free workout apps, as there’s no paid version at all. Also, you don’t get to see any ads or in-app purchases.

2. SWORKIT: Order the workout you’re looking for – strength, cardio, yoga or stretching. This app has it all. Enter the amount of time you’ve got, anywhere from five minutes to an hour, this app will give the further steps to be followed. It will help you with the days when you can’t hit the gym and it contains tons of bodyweight exercises as well. If you opt for the paid version, this app will let you get even more personalized by setting the number of reps and the muscle group you want to target. Free with elective in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

3. STRAVA RUNNING AND CYCLING: This app is an excellent choice for runners and cyclists. You can track your run, map the cycling route, and analyze your training in this amazing app. It’s one of the best features is its leaderboard, where you can challenge yourself and even compete with the other users. This will make your runs and cycling even more fun and interesting. The stats feature on the map will help you motivate yourself. It has a GPS distance tracker and a distance counter, and for the paid version, you can even go for the triathlon and marathon training. This app provides access to new routes for your run and bike rides. It’s free with no-ads and contains in-app purchases as well.

4. NIKE TRAINING CLUB: Just like GOOGLE FIT, Nike has everything to offer that you’d expect from the topmost fitness apps. All the workouts are specially designed by professional trainers and athletes. You get the best under one roof here. It covers around 160 workouts that target strength, mobility, endurance, and much more. All these workouts come with three levels of difficulties. The app offers exercises to target all muscle groups. Just order what you want. You can even stream this app on television using Apple TV, Chromecast, or HDMI cable. The exercise tracker in Nike Training Club will keep an eye on your fitness activities. This app is entirely free with no-ads or any in-app purchases. 

5. HOME WORKOUT-NO EQUIPMENT: If a high gym-fee is your concern, the home workout will solve all your problems. Build that body at home, without spending a penny on a gym and personal trainers. It has around 100 detailed videos and an animation guide. Name the part you want to train, Home Workout has it all. It comprises of warmup and stretching routines. Customize your workouts here and also get the progress report. The app is free and contains ads and in-app purchases.

There are many other great fitness apps on the Google Play Store. Look for the one which can complete all your needs. Stay consistent with your workouts and let these apps guide you. Working out alone isn’t gonna take you to your body-goals. Diet plays a crucial rule here so don’t even try to overlook it. Here’s a list of few apps which can help you keep your diet and nutrition on track.

  1. MY FITNESS PAL: This app is ruling the fitness world for ages. My Fitness Pal app database contains more than six million foods. Just log about the food you put in your body and get all the details of micros, macros, fats, and calories. Best way to track your progress, right? Inscribe your height, weight, age, body – goal, it will provide you with the number of calories you need to reach that and keep an account of whatever you eat. Free on iOS and android with optional in-app purchases.

2. LIFESUM: Making healthier choices is no longer difficult and you don’t have to panic about anything to live a healthier life. Their step by step process will help you make sustainable diet changes to reach your goal. Just punch in your goals, exercise, water intake, and eating habits manually to get one step closer to your body goals. Their barcode scanner makes healthy food choices a lot easier. You’ll get the feedback to improve your diet and tons of tasty and healthy recipes. It’s free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

3.FOODUCATE: Up your grocery game with this app. Just scan the barcode of the requisite product or enter manually and this app will provide you all the nutritional details and healthy alternatives for your purchase if there are any. Beyond the grocery cart, it also monitors sleep, exercise, calorie intake, and hunger levels, and then after the quick analysis, it gives feedback on the changes you can make to reach your goals. Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

4.YUMMLY RECIPES + SHOPPING LIST: Tap in the dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences and hit the thumbs up for the suggested recipes that you find appealing. This will give you the recommendations tailored to your taste and needs. Shop with them to make healthier choices, add the ingredients for your dish in the cart and get it delivered at your doorstep. Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

5. WATERLOGGED: Don’t underestimate the power of this calorie-free ingredient. Water is as important as your diet. Take the picture of your preferrable drinking vessel-cup, mug, bottle or whatever, and just check-in when you finish it. This will keep a check on your hydration level throughout the day. Progress graph and push notifications will show you how close you’re to your daily water-goals. Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

These few apps will help you make healthy food choices throughout the day. With a good diet and fitness comes a good sleep, which is the most crucial step towards a healthy body. Technology can guide you about the sleep patters also.

  1. SLEEP CYCLE: As the name suggests, it monitors your sleep cycle and wakes you up sometime during a 30-minute window before the alarm goes off when you’re in the lightest sleep state. Of course, you’ll wake up before the alarm rings, but more refreshed and satisfied. This will help you make the most out of your day. Free with in-app purchases on iOS and the paid version is also there for Android users.

2.SLEEP SCORE : app monitors your sleep using sonar technology and scores you based on the quality of your sleep. It will wake you up at your lightest sleep cycle, that is, 30 minutes before you have to wake up. Sleep score also provides suggestions to improve your sleep. Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS and Android.

  1. POWER NAP APP: A power nap makes you feel energized and refreshed. This app provides you with a timer (that only goes up to 30 minutes), a pleasant sound that helps you sleep, and an alarm that gently wakes you up to rock your day. Free with optional in-app purchases on iOS.

A good workout, good diet, and good sleep are enough to keep your body fit and healthy. Always take care of your body and make sure you don’t lack any of them. Tons of apps are there to help you improve your lifestyle, make the most out of it. If you can’t find time to manage all three of them together then these apps are a blessing for you. Don’t overlook the power of these three. Keep an eye on your mental health as well. Many people nowadays are fighting the battles alone, some apps will stand with you. Apps like: Talk Space, Insight Timer, Happify,7 cups, Happy not perfect, Grateful: A gratitude journal, and many more are there to help you deal with all your problems regarding mental health.

Make these apps your partner in daily routine and let them drive you throughout the day. These apps are easily available on the Google Play store and most of them are free with in-app purchases for both iOS and Android. Burn all your excuses with these apps and say hi to the fit February! Living your fitness resolutions is now a lot easier.

Stay Fit ! Stay Active ! Sleep More ! Train Harder !


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    I swear by work out apps. They motivate me to work out regularly and also helps me track my workout. You have shared some apps which I didn’t know about. Thanks for sharing them.

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