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How to eat healthy at parties?


The typical answer one might give on this is, ” Oh, c’mon, who does that? Or Who even thinks about it? Thus, eating healthy at parties is one of the least approached problems, and people usually ignore it. However, these questions will pop into your mind if you have many parties lined up in a week(especially if you’re health-conscious), if you’re trying to make a healthy lifestyle change, or if you’re trying to lose weight. With time, you can master…

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How alcohol impacts your weight loss?

How alcohol impacts your weight loss

Drinking alcohol is one of the most preferred ways to celebrate something. Sad? Happy? – Alcohol is the solution for many.  Though, this is not true for everyone. But, for many, this is the rule. With the increasing intake of alcoholic drinks, it is essential to dig deeper to know their impact on mental health and physical health. I have met so many people who find it difficult to lose weight or maintain weight. Losing weight is challenging and, this…

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