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Should you maintain a Food Journal?

Should you keep a food journal?

A food journal is a daily log of what you eat or drink throughout the day. It involves jotting down everything you consume and is probably the best tool to practice mindful eating.  All of us keep a record of important stuff like important office or college work, a to-do list, etc. And, some even maintain a diary or a journal to write their personal experiences. We do all of this to track and reflect.  Keeping a food journal might…

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Tofu Versus Paneer: Which is healthier?


All of us have different weight goals, and all of us look for many diet plans to reach our goals. But, few things remain constant in our diets, and paneer(cottage cheese) is among them. We can cook paneer in many ways, and our method of cooking, portion size, etc., largely determines the diet plans where it fits the best. But, apart from that, the nutritional value of paneer makes a significant difference. There’s a look-alike Tofu(Soy-paneer or bean curd), which…

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why being skinny is not the same as being healthy?


What matters is the overall well being, exercise, the real food that nourishes our body to function properly and embracing the real beauty in various shapes and sizes of women. We've exchanged the truth for lies, glorifying the outward appearance more than the bodies we've been gifted. Stand for what is good and true,Ladies.If you want to live a healthy life, build healthy habits. Don't follow the routines your favorite celebrity or model has, they have a team to look…

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7 supplements for keto-diet

The Keto Diet can help you to lose weight, but many different food options are restricted in this diet. So, one has to take care of all the nutrients. There are few Keto foods that you must add to your diet, to complete the needs for micros and macros. These keto-friendly foods will help you fight the deficiencies which Keto might cause. Before looking for the supplement pills, always try to add the food which can fulfill your needs.…

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