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How To Stay Fit In This Wedding Season?

wedding season

Did someone say wedding season? Yes! Yes! Yes! Wedding season is around the corner, and so is the time to look your best self. From engagement parties to receptions, the better you dress, the more you will be remembered by the crowd for the right reasons. But with so many occasions around, is it really that easy to stay fit?  Probably no, but partially YES, if you know the way HOW!  Whether you are a bride, groom, bridesmaid, or guest,…

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Tofu Versus Paneer: Which is healthier?


All of us have different weight goals, and all of us look for many diet plans to reach our goals. But, few things remain constant in our diets, and paneer(cottage cheese) is among them. We can cook paneer in many ways, and our method of cooking, portion size, etc., largely determines the diet plans where it fits the best. But, apart from that, the nutritional value of paneer makes a significant difference. There’s a look-alike Tofu(Soy-paneer or bean curd), which…

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brown bread vs white bread: which is healthier?


The tussle between the brown and white continues and this time it is all about bread.It is true that whole wheat stuff is always better than processed ones and has many nutritional values. But, the trap of “ 100% whole wheat” on the front label can make you pick the wrong one, but knowing what to look for can prevent you from falling victim to clever product marketing. Let’s go beyond the front labels and take a reality check.…

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How to build healthy eating habits?

healthy-inside - healthy-outside

Margaret Mead had rightly said, “It is easier to change a man's religion than to change his diet.”The key to a healthy diet is to devour the right amount of calories and balance the energy consumed and utilized.Start your journey to a healthy lifestyle with baby steps and don't forget to praise yourself on taking those little-little steps. These small moves will create a tremendous difference.Build healthy food habits everyday and eat mindfully.…

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