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Full- Body exercises can help you target crucial muscle groups. Though, there are many different workouts to choose from. But, here are a few different full-body exercises you should add to your workout routine for sure. After all, it’s our right to look good and feel confident. Also, these exercises are among the most effective core exercises. TARGET ALL THE MUSCLES WITH THESE EXERCISES: PULL-UPS: This oldie goldie workout is often neglected because they are hard. Start with assisted pull-ups…

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Nutrition Boomerang

Does sweating more means more fat loss?


Also, what it means if you feel cool as a cucumber after your workouts. Sweating more during workouts is often linked with burning more calories. But does it imply that if you’re not sweating much that you’ve not worked hard enough, or you haven’t burned more calories? Does sweating more means more fat loss? Why do we sweat? Sweat can be messy( or sometimes stinky), but it’s our body’s natural cooling mechanism. So, our body creates sweat to cool off…

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Nutrition Boomerang

Why is weight-lifting form more important than weight?


All the gym-goers can understand the joy of adding more plates or using a heavy dumbbell. Adding more weight while exercising indicates that you’re getting stronger than before. And, yes, it is an achievement and probably one of the best feelings. But, are you doing it right? At what expense is it coming? – Maybe it at the cost of proper form. All of us have witnessed someone, or sometimes we might have attempted to lift heavy without a proper form. But,…

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