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Frozen foods and their impact on health

frozen foods vs fresh foods

Frozen foods are getting popular nowadays, and this will increase with time. With everyone being busy in their lives, frozen foods are one of the most convenient options. Though they simplify our lives but have their advantages and disadvantages. Here we will explore the nutritional value of frozen foods and their impact on health.┬áSo, let’s get started and see what frozen can offer over fresh food. Don’t worry, we are not asking you to remove those packets from your refrigerator.…

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Healthy Mind Nutrition Boomerang

Benefits of fasting, Backed by science


Fasting is practiced in different parts of the world since ancient times and continues even now. It plays a primary role in various religions and cultures. Now, it is gaining more importance due to the benefits associated with it. Some of them are backed by science, and some we can observe ourselves while fasting. Here we will see the benefits of fasting, backed by science.  Fasting is refraining from all or some kinds of food or drink, primarily as a religious…

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How healthy is your breakfast cereal?

“Have cereal for a breakfast, they are light and healthy. “- This is what you’ll hear most of the time. It’s your first day at a gym or maybe the first day of your journey towards a healthy lifestyle. And, you’re all excited to buy something healthy for yourself. You enter a supermarket and, then find yourself surrounded by all those colorful packagings lying on almost every shelf. Almost all of them are trying to prove their health benefits as…

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Tofu Versus Paneer: Which is healthier?


All of us have different weight goals, and all of us look for many diet plans to reach our goals. But, few things remain constant in our diets, and paneer(cottage cheese) is among them. We can cook paneer in many ways, and our method of cooking, portion size, etc., largely determines the diet plans where it fits the best. But, apart from that, the nutritional value of paneer makes a significant difference. There’s a look-alike Tofu(Soy-paneer or bean curd), which…

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Healthy Mind Nutrition Boomerang

Food and mood: How food impacts mental health?


All of us are conscious of the impact of food on our bodies, and we also follow a special diet when it comes to shaping our bodies. Food has effects on mental health too, which we can’t even identify sometimes. And ignoring them in the long term can cause serious mental health issues. Food and mood are interrelated; it is essential to build a healthy relationship to enjoy physical and mental health benefits. Take care of your brain by providing…

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