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Benefits of fasting, Backed by science


Fasting is practiced in different parts of the world since ancient times and continues even now. It plays a primary role in various religions and cultures. Now, it is gaining more importance due to the benefits associated with it. Some of them are backed by science, and some we can observe ourselves while fasting. Here we will see the benefits of fasting, backed by science. 

Fasting is refraining from all or some kinds of food or drink, primarily as a religious practice. Some prefer following intermittent fasting, which involves periods of fasting and eating for a few hours of a day. On the other hand, fasting involves not eating anything for a day or two. 

With the increasing trend of fasting, it is crucial to identify the benefits of fasting. Respecting the religious reasons of different cultures, let’s get into the benefits of fasting on a scientific basis.

Benefits of fasting:

  1. Can boost weight loss: Fasting can help you stay in a calorie deficit during your weight loss journey. One should practice reducing calorie intake by adding low-calorie and nutrient-dense foods. But, fasting for a day a week can boost the weight loss process. Remember that fasting never allows you to consume anything you want the next day. Get back to your healthy diet plan as soon as you finish fasting.
  2. Could delay aging: Different researches show the benefit of delayed aging. However, these researches don’t provide concrete results. So, one could consider it as one of the benefits of fasting. 
  3. Fights inflammation: Acute inflammation is normal to fight off infections, but chronic inflammation can have serious health consequences like heart diseases, cancer, etc. Some studies have shown that fasting can help decrease inflammation and help promote better health. 
  4. Good for brain health: Fasting helps relieve inflammation, and that can also aid in preventing neurodegenerative disorders. Various studies have shown this benefit of fasting. Fasting may improve the conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s. 
  5. Can increase human growth hormone: The human growth hormone is involved in growth, metabolism, weight loss, and muscle strength. Several studies show that fasting for 24 hours can increase human growth hormone. 


Though there are many benefits of fasting, and few of them are scientifically proven as well. But, these benefits are not the same for everyone. These benefits vary with age, sex, and other health conditions. 

  1. If you are a person with diabetes, fasting can play with your blood sugar levels, which could be detrimental. 
  2. You can include fruits or juices during your fasting period. This will help you stay light and active. 
  3. Stay well hydrated, and don’t ignore water during your fasting period. 
  4. What you eat after fasting is also crucial. So, always go for something light initially. Then go forward with your diet plan. 
  5. If you are fasting beyond 24 hours, it is advisable to take the doctor’s advice. As there’s no one size fits all approach. One should think about their health before starting anything new. 

Fasting has different benefits for different people, and people do it for different reasons. Whatever be their reasons, some of these benefits can be observed due to fasting. 

The detoxification process or a calorie deficit, the reason is yours. Choose your reason according to your health. Always remember, it might work for your friend, but not for you or vice versa. 


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  • Reply
    November 28, 2021 at 10:37 am

    When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and adequate exercise are frequently mentioned as key pillars, and here you have mentioned very brilliantly, about fasting. Fasting is becoming more widely accepted as a legitimate method of weight management and disease prevention. Very informative post.

  • Reply
    November 28, 2021 at 8:19 pm

    I am Ok with fasting and do that too. But I am not in favour of so called fasting especially during festive days… where people say I am on fast and fill the tummy with fruits, meoya, boiled potato and so many other stuff. Make fasting a proper fasting or else dont do. That what I believe

  • Reply
    Surbhi Prapanna
    November 28, 2021 at 11:02 pm

    Yes fasting offer many great benefits for our health but I did not know that fasting for 24 hours can increase human growth hormone. thank you so much for enhancing my knowledge in this aspect. indeed an informative post.

  • Reply
    Sindhu Vinod Narayan
    November 29, 2021 at 2:05 am

    This was an insightful post as it gave out some unknown facts. I’ve been fasting and I love the results tahg it has started showing

  • Reply
    November 29, 2021 at 7:52 am

    Fasting is becoming more widely accepted as a legitimate method of weight management and disease prevention. Great thoughts.

  • Reply
    November 30, 2021 at 8:31 am

    Unless you count intermittent diet as a way of fasting, then that’s nearest experience I think I had when it comes to fasting. The benefits you’ve presented above is really remarkable and will make someone like me think twice again why I didn’t even dare to give it a try even just for a day out of my 365 days of a year. We’ll see come 2022!! Thanks for sharing this!

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