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Colorful diet and its benefits

colorful diet

Fruits and vegetables come in different colors, and each of these colors has a meaning. They all indicate the essential nutrients present in them and help you know their nutritional values quickly. More the colors on your plate, the more the nutrients. Different colors indicate different nutrients, and having a rainbow diet can help you complete your nutritional requirement. So, don’t restrict yourself to 2-3 colors. A colorful diet has many benefits, so make sure you get all the colors in your diet. 

How fruits and vegetables get their colors?

  1. Carotenoids give orange and yellow vegetables their colors. 
  2. Flavonoids give blue, red, and cream colors.
  3. Chlorophyll makes the greens green.

These three pigments are responsible for those beautiful colors. Let’s not get into the more scientific part of this. And, dive into the topic and see how you can include them in your colorful diet and its benefits.

Make a colorful diet:

colorful diet
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All the colors here are the result of different compounds present in fruits and veggies. They have many essential vitamins and minerals. And, a colorful plate is not only beautiful but also highly nutritious.

  1. Blue/Purple: They are one of the most exciting colors in your color palette and bring significant nutritional value with them. Phytonutrients known as Anthocyanin are responsible for these blue/ purple colors. Anthocyanin is a type of flavonoid with antioxidants properties. The fruits and vegetables of this color can help in preventing cancer and heart problems. The darker the color, the higher the concentration of phytonutrients. They can help reduce blood pressure, control diabetes, inhibit tumor formation, improve visual acuity, etc. Blue/purple Vegetables and fruits include: eggplant, blackberries, plum, blueberries, plums, etc. So, make sure you add some of these heart-healthy fruits and vegetables to your cart while shopping.
  2. Yellow/Orange: Lutein, a type of vitamin called carotenoid, is responsible for yellow color. Many call it an “eye vitamin” because it is essential for eye health. Carotenoids can help improve the immune system, lowers the risk of heart disease, vision problems, and cancer. Lutein is absorbed best when taken with a high-fat meal. Many multivitamins have lutein present in them. It is always good to get it in your diet through vegetables and fruits like carrots, pumpkin, Avacado, papaya, pineapple, oranges.
  3. Green: No one can forget this color. Since our childhood, we are told to include greens in our diet. And, “Eat your greens” is still one of the best pieces of advice. Greens are rich in chlorophyll, and they reduce the carcinogenic agents from the liver. They can help protect eye health and prevent cancer and bad cholesterol. Green fruits and vegetables are good for the digestive system and can boost immunity. Other nutrients in these fruits and vegetables hold vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate. Add the greens like broccoli, beans, cabbage, spinach, green pepper, kiwi, green apple, avocado, etc., to your diet.
  4. White/Brown: They don’t have bright, exciting colors, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have enough nutrients or phytochemicals. They are known to lower the level of bad cholesterol, blood pressure and your risk of developing heart diseases and colon, breast, and prostate cancer. Add fruits and vegetables like garlic, onion, mushrooms, banana, white peaches, etc., to your diet for their powerful antioxidant properties.
  5. Red: The pigment responsible for the red color of your fruits and veggies is lycopene. Being a powerful antioxidant, they have cancer-preventive properties. And, they can protect your heart and can also keep the immune system and vision healthy. Include the reds like tomatoes, radish, watermelon, strawberries, cherries, pomegranates, etc., in your diet.

Take away:

So, it is advisable to have a maximum number of colors on your plate. The colorful plate can help you get all the required nutrients in your diet. There are many other supplements available in the market that can fulfill your vitamins and minerals requirements. But, it is always a better idea to get them through your diet. 

Shop your fruits and veggies by their color. And, include them in your diet plan. A healthy diet and workout routine can do wonders. This post can help you make a healthy diet plan.

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