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Colorful diet and its benefits

colorful diet

Fruits and vegetables come in different colors, and each of these colors has a meaning. They all indicate the essential nutrients present in them and help you know their nutritional values quickly. More the colors on your plate, the more the nutrients. Different colors indicate different nutrients, and having a rainbow diet can help you complete your nutritional requirement. So, don’t restrict yourself to 2-3 colors. A colorful diet has many benefits, so make sure you get all the colors…

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Healthy and tasty snacks below 100 calories


All that hard work can go in vain in seconds if you have no control over what you eat. Mindless snacking can lead to weight gain, no matter how healthy your food is. Weight gain is always because of a calorie surplus, and the food here includes everything, healthy or unhealthy. However, going for something unhealthy and high in calories can create many health problems(if done in the long run). But, there are many alternatives available that are healthy, tasty,…

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Mighty India

Winter foods to keep yourself warm and healthy

winter foods to keep yourself warm and healthy

With the drop in temperature, most of us witness a dip in our motivation to eat healthily and workout too. The holiday season is also around the corner, which gives us the reason to eat whatever we want without thinking much about the winter weight gain. Though one should not miss the winter workouts, the number of benefits it has can encourage us to step outside. But, eating anything without concerning much about its nutritional benefits can make all those…

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