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10 myths regarding women strength training

I started my weight loss journey back in the year 2014 just after I passed my 12th boards and was able to reduce around 15 kgs in 10 months. I started my journey to fitness with walking and then slowly switched to walk-jog intervals. I used to do different home workouts to tone different parts of my body, and mostly the guidance I received was through Youtube (thanks to social media ). After shedding those extra kgs, when I stepped into the gym, there were plenty of doubts in my mind regarding weight lifting when I noticed that the weight section of the gym is male-dominated and the number of females is comparatively low. As soon as I started weight training, there were plenty of questions and suggestions bombarded on me like you’ll get bulky, you’ll look masculine, you’ll get injured, don’t lift too heavy, don’t hit the gym during periods and Blah Blah Blah. 

So, do you think all that happened? No, I just got stronger and confident than before, Daily tasks are now easier, Strength and Bone Density has been increased, Body Fat percentage is now reduced, I am more toned and my posture and mobility are even better. So, my message to all the girls who lift is to train harder and squat deeper. Hit the link below to know more about my journey and the lifestyle habits which I changed to achieve the long term fitness goals. And yes, my story and my lifestyle is the motivation behind this blog.



Cheers to the women who lift! Most of the ladies at the gym don’t like lifting because they think it will make them bulky. No, pretty Ladies! You will not bulk like the hulk. You need the iron inside out and lifting helps you to get it. Don’t get fooled by what others think or say. Strength training is done to increase the strength and makes your body stronger than before. There are many other things which strength training can do for you :

  1. It makes you stronger and fitter.
  2. Protects the bone health and muscle mass – We start losing muscle as soon as we hit 30 ( all thanks to aging ) at the pace of 3 to 5 percent per year.
  3. Help you shed those extra kilos, and makes the process a much faster. Doing aerobic exercises like walking, running, cycling, etc can help you lose weight, but the rate increases when combined with strength training.
  4. “Stronger those muscles, the better your balance ” – Yes, you read it right, strength training helps you getting good posture, balance, and coordination.
  5. Strength training can also help with chronic disease management, it is as effective as medicine in treating arthritis pain, maintaining blood glucose levels, reduces hypertension and lowers the risk of heart disease.
  6. It elevates the level of endorphins, which lifts energy levels and improves mood.

The weight section is filled with boys, while the women only prefer aerobic exercises (most of them). Want to rock the bikini look, or feel powerful in the gym and improve the athletic ability, the benefits of strength training are never-ending. So, why should boys have all the fun? Grab that iron and build a stronger body. Burst the not so common myths about the relation between women and strength training.


We might have heard this phrase repeated many, many times as the primary reason why women are not interested in lifting weights. We have seen enormous female body-builders across the globe with a highly muscular physique, but that requires a lot more than just lifting weights.

Grabbing the dumbbells a few times a week will help you increase the strength. The person can only bulk up if the calorie intake is also increased. Consuming the recommended portion of healthy food will help you get the lean and toned look. This muscle-building tool helps you increase the basic metabolic rate (BMR), which means you burn calories even at rest because the metabolism stays elevated for longer periods. Cardiovascular exercise helps you burn the calories only during your workout period, but strength training makes you a calorie-burning machine throughout the day.


No, lifting more weight will not help you if your technique or form is not right. Never try to increase the weight until your form is proper. Always work for the form and it should always be the priority. Always spend a big portion of your training time in learning and practicing the weight lifting technique. Bad technique can spoil your posture and can also cause long term problems. More time you put in learning the techniques, stronger and confident you get. Don’t get fooled by numbers, the only thing that matters is your form. Eat well and train well, numbers will follow.


Both of them will help you burn calories and your body continues to burn the fat throughout the day. The difference between both of them is aerobic exercises burns most of the calories only during the workout, but strength training helps you burn them all day long. The more muscles you have, the more calories you burn. You can choose your favorite workouts and train accordingly. There are many different workout plans available, choose something which you love doing. After all, the workout is all about rewarding your body and feeling good. No workout plan is bad or good, just enjoy what you do to the fullest.


Lifting, twice or thrice a week is enough for you to tone those muscles. You don’t have to spend a full week doing that. You can strength if you lift weight till you reach the point of “muscle fatigue ” in the last few reps, and with a proper form. Always go for the weights which challenge you the most, not for the ones where you struggle with the form and also face difficulties in completing the reps. When the weight is no more challenging and you’re able to complete your reps with a good form, go ahead with the heavier ones, until then, focus on increasing the strength. Focus on quality over quantity.


Not everyone women at the gym are there to lose weight. The goals differ from person to person. A woman there may want to be stronger or to tone herself. up So, the next time when you see women in the gym lifting weights, don’t assume that she is there to lose weight. Don’t make false assumptions about her goals.


” I just want to lose some weight and tone, I don’t want to be manly” – You will hear this a lot from the women when they talk about lifting weights. Women have nowhere the same testosterone level as men, so building muscles at their rate is not possible. The women in magazines and weight lifting shows get that physique after training for long hours and with a proper diet plan.


The physical as well as the mental benefits of exercise won’t just vanish away with periods. Not lifting weights or exercising isn’t going to save some or any extra energy, or even make you feel better for that matter. Instead of terminating all the activities during periods, try some new workouts which you love. Exercising during periods has lots of benefits, like reducing PMS symptoms, giving you a natural endorphin high and elevating your mood and combat painful periods. Try to add a little cardio, pilates, and yoga. Don’t lift too heavy as it can put pressure on the core which can worsen the cramps. Go easy with weights and focus on proper form.If you have serious pain and cramps,then avoid doing weights. Take rest !


Many girls out there ask plenty of questions about how to get a flat and toned stomach. And crunches is surely not the answer to what they are looking for. Spot reduction never works and if you want to get rid of the fat from that area, you have to burn overall fat from your body and do crunches to get toned. For the overall fat- loss, prefer different workouts like weight training, HIIT, cardio, pilate, etc. Choose something which you enjoy doing.


This can be true if you’re focusing only on quads. Training legs will help you get those toned and sexy legs. Glute bridges, RDLs, and back extensions are great exercises for lengthening the legs. Train your legs at least once or twice a week. Training legs will increase the strength as well. 


Lifting weights can be dangerous only if the technique and form are improper. Bad technique can cause serious problems. Instead, weight lifting can help you prevent certain injuries because it increases bone density and makes them even stronger. Try different exercise which you love, under the supervision of a trainer and with proper precautions.


“You live only once, you might as well be a badass”. Don’t limit yourself to those “girli-fied” moves and don’t fear to lift weights. Here are a few different exercises you should add to your workout routine for sure. After all, it’s our right to look good and feel confident.

1.PULL-UPS: This oldie goldie workout is often neglected because they are hard. Start with assisted pull-ups (if you need one) and try to decrease the weight as the strength increases. One is any day better than None. Not able to do the pull-ups doesn’t mean you shouldn’t step up the bar. Simply hanging on for as long as possible will help you increase the strength of the upper body. It will strengthen the back, arms and shoulder muscles which will help in improving the overall body strength(and will help you in burning calories).


2.PUSH-UPS: Push-ups can be done anywhere and anytime. They are full-body workouts and target a large number of muscle groups. They work on abs, arms, and lower body, all at one once. It works on balance and stability, core and also helps to build muscle density.


3.SQUATS: ” Life has its ups and downs, we call them squats”. Squats have many benefits: They help build muscles, burn more calories, improve flexibility, joints, digestion, and circulation. There are many other benefits of this amazing exercise. So, if you want a toned and sexy legs, squat deeper.Try different variations of squats like : jump squats,squat jack,dumbbell front squat,goblet squat,kettle squat,barbell front squat,barbell back squat,sumo squat swing, resistance band squat and many others.Do the one , which you like most and Enjoy !


4.DEADLIFT: “Deadlifts are key to mass. Don’t shy away from what works “. The deadlift is the king of all exercises. There are different forms of deadlifts like Rack Pulls, Sumo Deadlift, Romanian Deadlift, Trap Bar Deadlift, and Kettlebell Sumo Deadlifts. The deadlift works on multiple muscle groups(that’s why they are called a compound movement ) and can help anyone achieve their fitness goals. They burn more calories when compared to all other exercises. Other benefits of deadlift include: better posture, relieves back pain and prevents injuries.


5.PLANK: One pose that can improve your strength, physique, and much more is the plank. This pose has tons of benefits for your body. It strengthens the core, increases muscle definition, increases metabolism, reduces back pain, improves balance and posture, flatters bone health and relieves stress. Plank is one of the best strength training poses that works on all the abdominal muscles and is also very convenient to do.



  1. These are a few common exercises that you can include in your workout routine and most of them target all the muscle groups together if done right. 
  2. Always concentrate on the right form and NOT on weights alone. Increase the weight only if you’re comfortable and able to complete the sets with correct form.
  3. Don’t shy away from asking for corrections and follow the instructions of your trainer carefully. Learning the moves perfectly will take time, so be patient and continue to practice them.
  4. Break all the myths and remember there are many benefits of strength training which shouldn’t be overlooked.
  5. There are plenty of exercises you can do that target different muscle groups. Follow the instructions of your trainer and learn the form well.

Train harder, Squat deeper. And when someone says weight lifting is not for you, do one more set. Feel confident of your body and remember that you’re exercising not to punish your body, but to make it a healthier and better place to live in. You have to carry your body till the day you die, make it strong and nourish it with love. Celebrate your treat days and reward your body for always being fit and healthy. Do workouts that you love doing. More power to the girls out there who are trying and pushing themselves beyond the limits.

There are many online fitness apps which can help you achieve your body goals. Best of them will be up on the next blog.

Stay fit! 

Stay strong!

Stay active!

Train harder!

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