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Yoga Bars, are trending in the health industry as they provide you nutrition equivalent to one meal (let’s check their claim).

My first trial was on yoga bars whose founders are two amazing sisters: Suhasini and Anindita Sampat Kumar.

Their main focus was to make something that could be both healthy and tasty for everyone. It is the best substitute for chocolates as well.

Yoga Bars:

TASTE: Yoga bars have different flavors like apricot fig, almond coconut, apple cinnamon, blueberry pie, chocolate chunk nut, nuts and seeds, baked brownie, cranberry blast vanilla almond, orange cashew, and many more.

I am not aware of the taste of all the flavors but, most of them will taste amazing.

Yoga Bars

As the name suggests, protein bars have protein as their key ingredient and their price varies according to the protein content.

They have carbohydrates, fats, sugar, fiber, and oils.

Know your yoga bars:

They can be judged based on the different amounts of protein, fiber, fats, sugar, oils, and carbohydrates.

  1. Carbs: They should be less than 20 gm per bar ( Yoga bars mainly have between 21gm – 25 gm per bar which is slightly higher than the required one ). Look for the carb-to-protein ratio because protein bars must have higher protein than any other ingredient.
  2. Protein: One must always look for whey and pea proteins. ( Yoga bars have peanut protein powder, their protein content varies and one can choose accordingly ) .
  3. Fat: A good protein bar must not have any transfats and should be low in saturated fat. Yoga bars have no transfat and their saturated fat content is between 0.6gm and 1 gm.
  4. Sugar: The first ingredient in a protein bar should not be sugar and sugar content must be between 6gm to 8gm per bar. Yoga bars have most of their bars in this category (a few have higher than 8gm also). Look for sugar alcohols while buying, they are another substitute for sugar and serve the same purpose. The good bar must not have more of it.
  5. Fiber: The fiber in a good protein bar should be more than 6gm per bar, as it will help you to stay full for a longer period and will help in controlling blood sugar. Bars that are fruit and nut-based have more fiber in comparison to others. Yoga bars have around 3 gm of fiber (which is less than the ideal one ie. 6gm).
  6. Calories: The most important part, is the calorie content of a bar which most of us look at (weight watchers mostly ). And, to decide the idle, one should always choose between 200 to 300 calories (for both men and women. Because if we look at the egg whites they have higher protein and just 16 calories, which is a better deal. Calories differ according to the ingredients and yoga bars which we are considering have between 150 to 180 calories.

Yoga bars have good taste and nutritional value, they have natural ingredients and no preservatives (which means they have a low shelf life ).


They can keep you full for a longer time and is a good snack option. You can have it in place of a meal if you’re running late. But, make sure you have it with fruits, yogurt, and milk because no protein bar alone can replace a complete wholesome meal. Have it as a post or pre-workout food. And choose according to your goals and reading nutrition labels carefully will help you to choose the right one.

Also, yoga bars have so much to offer. There are plenty of items that the brand has launched. Make sure you try them out too and share your reviews. We will come back with another product review.

Happy Shopping!

Happy Snacking!

Stay Active!

Stay Healthy!

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