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Happy zero-tasking day! -Take a chill pill and do nothing

Occasionally indulging in a do-nothing day is more than worth the price. – Malcolm S. Forbes

All of us know when to recharge the phone battery, but no one cares about recharging oneself. Treat yourself and do nothing for a day. By doing nothing, I mean absolutely nothing. You might be wondering why I am giving you such ideas, Instead of advising you to be active and energetic daily, I urge you to go for Zero- tasking Day. Usually, we celebrate this day on the first Sunday of November, and it inspires people to take it easy and have some me-time doing nothing.

We are obsessed with our packed schedule, and all the writing on our calendar that continually reminds us of our daily tasks and white space on a calendar often makes us uneasy.


All of us are super-busy in our lives. We have deadlines to meet, an assignment to complete, or a social obligation to fulfill, and the list continues. We have a never-ending to-do list, and our calendar is fully occupied, which makes us open 24/7. And, if we’re not working on our to-do list, we end up absorbing ourselves in something else like scrolling through Instagram, or sometimes we start binge-watching our favorite series. 😛

 This way, we engage ourselves throughout the day and never really give ourselves the time we need. Staying busy throughout the week or month may appear a thing of pride for many, but loading oneself can hamper your productivity. 

Being too busy doesn’t give you proper time to think, because of which sometimes we end up working too hard instead of working smart. Thus we lack time to think and plan strategically. And our both physical and emotional energy drains out, which further creates a problem. The lack of spark to do something will hit the quality of work( and nobody wants that, neither you nor your boss). 😛 😀 

But I have to be productive all day long. How can I waste my day doing nothing? 

Why should you celebrate a: Zero- Tasking Day?

Your self-worth is not attached to your level of productivity. You’re an excellent person when you’re relaxing or when you’re getting things done.

  • Experience the real boost: Giving yourself the required break boosts productivity and creativity by empowering your subconscious mind to expand. Your subconscious mind is the biggest treasure you possess. Allow it to guide you and feel the real boost in whatever you do. When you give yourself a break, a default mode network (DMN) is activated and allows us to connect dots and develop more incredible ideas. 
  •  Be your listener and listen to your intuition: You might be the best listener in the world for your friend or family, but how much do you spend listening to yourself? When you switch off all the distractions and connect with yourself, you allow yourself to think the best for you and dive deeper into your inner feelings. We experience multiple thoughts that are influenced by our external environment. Build the lost connection with yourself, and listen to your intuition- it’s always on your side.
  • Get splendid solutions: Our work lives sometimes make our days more challenging, and then there are other distractions too, which end up consuming our day. The problems we may face in our daily lives are sometimes left untouched, or we allow our minds to jump to the most apparent solutions quickly. Once you pause every distraction around you, you will get great answers, and some can even drive you to life-changing ideas.  
  • Reboot your mind: We often look for options available on the internet to relieve stress, but the answer lies in doing nothing. When you do absolutely nothing, you allow your mind and body to calm, as it is then free of all the energy which it might be consuming daily to serve our needs. Spend some time quietly just with yourself and do nothing. Take care of your mental health!
  • Release suppressed emotions: You heal by releasing and not by stopping. Zero- tasking day helps to get in touch with our suppressed emotions by building a connection with the inner world. We end up avoiding our feelings when we’re too busy meeting the deadline. Pause and allow your body to release the emotions that went unfelt and face them. Not allowing oneself to sit quietly and observe is like running away from your feelings. 

Pause for a while, give yourself some break, and observe the beautiful world around you. We often overlook the things we should be grateful for.

How to celebrate Zero-Tasking Day?

We work almost daily, and there’s no end to it. So, if you think you’ll give yourself sometime later, then sorry, later never exists. There will always be something important to be done.

  •  Take small steps: Start by setting aside a few minutes a day and spend some time in complete silence. Just do nothing and sit alone for a while. You can start with minutes, then increase to hours, and finally, you can set aside a day just for yourself to observe Zero-tasking day. 
  • Don’t confuse it with laziness: The word laziness invokes negative implications, and no one wants to get labeled lazy. We often confuse Zero- Tasking Day with being slothful, but there’s nothing wrong with getting in touch with ourselves and giving us the love and care we need. Do a self-check-in and enjoy the happiness that is already there. Observe your thoughts, enjoy them, and remember that they are only thoughts. 
  • Make it known: No, I am not talking about a social media announcement. 😛 Set a day aside for you and let some of your close people know so that everybody can support you. 
  • Don’t look for productivity: It’s a zero tasking day, but still, you have to get up from bed to eat and move a little. But don’t aim for a productive day. Do you want to relax? Have fun? Reflect? Just do that and don’t set targets. 
  • Do it at your pace: Don’t worry what the clock says and relish it in your way. Get up when you want to, eat whatever and whenever you want, and sleep whenever you want to take a rest. 
  • Take a chill pill: Don’t worry about the to-do list. The world will not crumble if you’ll take a day off for yourself. If you have an important task to be done, try to complete it by working a few extra hours before your special Zero- tasking day so that you can fully relax. 

I wish you a happy Zero-Tasking day!

You’re a fantastic person!


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