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Healthy cooking tips: cut calories, not flavor


The Health benefits of your food largely depend on the way you cook. That also means that you can change your food’s nutritional value by improving your cooking methods. So, you can solve most of your health problems when you know how to cook healthy, what ingredients to use, and what to swap. We never advise you to give up your favorite food to lose weight; you can make healthy swaps in your recipes to enjoy your favorite food. Let’s…

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Healthy Mind

Perfection is an illusion


Yes, you heard that right, perfection is an illusion, and most of us spend our days looking for perfection. But, does it exist? Everything around us is perfect? And you can find so many people around you asking these questions. Are you still dropping your passion for things because it doesn’t look perfect? Most of us have spent our lives like that, and we believe everything should be ideal. Be it your first song, video, article, relationship, etc.  The whole…

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How to eat healthy at parties?


The typical answer one might give on this is, ” Oh, c’mon, who does that? Or Who even thinks about it? Thus, eating healthy at parties is one of the least approached problems, and people usually ignore it. However, these questions will pop into your mind if you have many parties lined up in a week(especially if you’re health-conscious), if you’re trying to make a healthy lifestyle change, or if you’re trying to lose weight. With time, you can master…

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Healthy Mind

Children need humans, not screens

Childhood is one of the most crucial phases of life. Make sure they spend this in the “real world”. Children need humans, not screens.  Increasing screen time is detrimental not only for child’s mental health but also creates a significant impact on their physical health. Technology with time will only penetrate deeper into our life as we move towards digital India. But, its impact on future generations could be more adverse.  You might wonder, why? Technology has made our lives…

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Walk, jog, or run?- What is best for you?

Walk, Run, or jog: What is best for you?

Walk, jog, or run? – This is the most common dilemma which people face. There are various assumptions regarding them. So, what’s your pick?  All of us are aware of the benefits of staying active. We already have put a lot of emphasis on the importance of physical activity, and how it saves you from many cardiovascular diseases like- heart attack, high blood pressure, etc.  All of these exercises will not only protect you from diseases but will also keep…

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