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baked Lays vs REGULAR lays: Which is better?


I have seen a lot of people changing their minds just by reading the lines at the front and not bothering about what it has to offer. There are so many products laid on the shelves that claim to be healthy and the front claims can easily fool someone if he/she never bothers to look behind the pack. Here we are comparing the most common junk which is loved by all and probably their constant partner during the movies or outings. This easy to carry stuff can be a lot more harmful if consumed in a large amount. Let’s compare baked lays vs regular lays and see which one is better.

Too easy to eat, and too easy to overeat!

Let’s open the pack and explore the cost of this tasty treat:


  1. Baked Lay’s, The name says it all, these chips were introduced as a much healthier option than the normal lay’s. This is said as these are baked and thus contain lesser fat and calories when compared to the normal ones. We will turn the pack and explore the ingredients and it’s nutrition value. They are also found in a variety of different options just like normal ones.

2.For the serving size of 28g ( Baked Lays), they provide 120 calories and total fat is 3.5g. This when compared to normal Lays, they provide 160 calories and total fat is 10g. In this case, the baked ones win as they can help you enjoy chips without much guilt and can help you balance the calorie intake. So, if your goal is to lose weight or maintain weight, you can choose the baked ones.

3.There are many other things beyond fats and calories which are to be considered before giving the final verdict.
Carrying forward the tussle among two, the sodium content in the baked lay’s is 160g with the total carbohydrates of 22g, and normal/ regular ones have 170g of sodium and 15g of total carbohydrates. The sodium content among the two is almost the same, but the baked ones are loaded with carbs. Choosing a healthier option for carbs is the best way to have them in your diet.

4, Dietary fibers among the two are the same here that is 1g and the amount of protein in both of them is 2g. Whereas the total sugar content in baked ones is 2g(include 2g added sugar) and the normal ones have less than 1g. This is alarming as the added sugar can be very harmful and should be avoided at every cost, as this can result in a variety of different health issues.

5.When we consider the content of Vitamin, Calcium, Iron, potassium, Magnesium, Zinc, etc. Most of them are absent in baked chips when compared to normal ones.

6.The baked ones usually have so many complicated names on their ingredient list, which is sometimes more harmful, because it is not easy to decipher. Always look for products with small and easy names on it. Read nutrition labels carefully.


Baked chips can be a healthier option if one aims at losing or maintaining a healthy weight. But this could help only if they make a guest appearance because too much of them can be harmful. So, as an occasional treat, baked chips can be a part of a healthy diet. You can compare many of them similarly by analyzing the nutrition label.

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