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If your diet doesn’t allow you to enjoy your dessert guilt-free, then sorry to say but you have to change it soon. Desserts are not bad sweety, overeating is bad. There are many, delusions regarding this like to lose weight you must remove sweets from your current diet plan. And we all know how difficult it is to eliminate sugar from our diet because it is present in small traces in the food we eat daily.

There’s good news for all the sweet lovers, you can enjoy your favorite cookies and brownies guilt-free. They have many health benefits and the ingredients play a key role in making them good or bad. The choice of ingredients and the servings play a significant role in determining whether they’re a good choice or a bad choice.

Many Indian brands are making the dessert world a tastier and better place and FEEL MIGHTY is one of them and their dessert options will make you feel good. The ingredients they use for their products play a big-big role in making them healthy for consumption and indulge guilt-free.


The first thing that hit your mind, after reading the word ” Cookie ” is lots and lots of sugar and butter. But you can play with ingredients to make the healthier version of your “not so ” healthy cookies and they can be one of the healthiest snacks on your table if baked right. Yes, ingredients play a crucial rule here. You can get so many health benefits from this energy-filled snack which is tasty as well. They can be the best dessert option to satisfy your sweet craving. Depending on the cooking technique and ingredients used, cookies will differ in their nutritional value and taste.

  1.  WEIGHT LOSS: Who says that you’ll gain weight after eating cookies? Weight gain is due to excessive calorie intake, no matter where they come from. So, why blame this sweet little bundle of joy. When you get enough calories to get you going for the daily metabolic activities, this will ensure that you don’t eat too much food. Healthy cookies contain whole grain flour which has a good content of vitamins, minerals, and fiber all of which are good for the body. Dietary fiber in the right amount can do wonders in treating constipation and keeping you full for a long time, which can help you lose weight and even lower the blood cholesterol levels. Add oatmeal to increase their fiber content.
  2. NUTRITION VALUE: They are one of the highest protein snacks with no artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives. Healthy ones will always have natural sweeteners like raw honey, agave syrup, etc. These sweeteners are low in calories and fructose, which makes them a better choice in baking. Protein content can be increased by using oatmeal as one of the main ingredients in baking. Oatmeal has a significant amount of minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium, all of which are needed for overall physical health.

The health benefits of cookies can be increased just by swapping unhealthy ingredients with a healthy one. They can be a good snack option if baked right.

If you’re lazy to bake, then there are Indian brands that can help you get the nutrition with these tasty cookies. Feel Mighty is one of them, their Cookies are baked with healthy ingredients and Keto-friendly. Their Keto-friendly cookies are loaded with delectable chocolate flavored chunks. Each cookie has a healthy amount of macros – 15g of proteins and 4g Net Carbs. The feel mighty cookies are gluten-free and the protein and fiber content in them makes it amazing for every diet and metabolism. Shelf life is low as compared to other branded cookies because of course, they are free from preservatives. These cookies are sweetened with the natural sweetener stevia and the negligible amount of sugar comes from almonds, extra dark -chocolate, etc. Their cookies have two special flavors double chocolate and almond chocolate chip. You can have them as a morning snack with coffee or as a midnight craving buster with milk. They can fulfill all your protein needs. So, enjoy the effortless nutrition guilt-free!

Feel Mighty Cookies :

Serving size – 50g

Protein content (g) – 15.5

Total carbohydrates(g) – 4

Total Energy (kcal) – 213

Brownies can be the next best healthy dessert option for all the weight watchers. 


  1. CALORIES: The calories in brownies are moderately low when compared to other dessert-like slices of ice cream cake. But, the calories and other nutritional values depend on the cooking techniques and the ingredients used. Indulge in brownies that have natural sweeteners and cocoa or dark chocolate. Artificial sweeteners will do no good for your body so, avoid.
  2. RICH IN MACRONUTRIENTS: The flour used in brownies can be a good source of carbohydrates. And most of them have eggs or milk, which are a great source of protein. Ingredients used will determine the carbs and protein it has. You can use fruits like apple, banana or pineapples and dry fruits while baking it, which will increase the fiber content in brownies and dry fruits will also give you healthy fats. The fiber content in brownies can improve digestion as well.
  3. SOURCE OF HAPPINESS: Baked foods are a source of happiness. They can uplift your mood instantly. Chocolate has many health benefits for the body and skin.

Feel Mighty have the nutrition-packed brownies and allows to enjoy the effortless- nutrition guilt-free. They are super tasty and super affordable. Healthy eating should never be expensive, right?

Their low carb diet brownie fits into any fat-loss diet perfectly. They are Keto friendly and gluten-free, So, the Keto dieters can also enjoy them because of their low-carb content. Packed with 10g of protein and,5g of carbs makes it amazing for every diet and metabolism. The fiber content in brownies will keep you full for longer. They are sweetened with the natural sweetener Stevia and the dark chocolate or cocoa is responsible for the negligible amount of sugar. Brownies are offered in different flavors like dark chocolate fudge, chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate walnut.

Feel Mighty Brownie :

Serving size – 38g

Protein content (g) – 10

Total Fat content (g) – 9

Total carbohydrates(g) – 5

Total Energy (kcal) – 155

SHOP HERE: https://www.feelmighty.com/

The blend of a good amount of protein, fiber, and decent carb makes them the must-haves for the weight watchers and sweet lovers. They have amazing taste and healthy eating should never be boring. Feel mighty has recently launched its overnight oats which are available in different flavors-apple and cinnamon, and strawberry and cream. They are packed with superfoods like whole grain oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, and real fruits. They are sweetened with the natural sweetener: Stevia and can fulfill the majority of your protein needs as it has 30g of protein and 8g of fiber. Begin your day with the superfood breakfast.

Gift this healthy nutrition-rich box to your loved ones and start your Valentine’s week a healthy way. Other Indian Brands can help to make the party better for the weight watchers. You may have the party people around you who are not as health-conscious as you’re. But, Indian Brands can even make your parties and drink healthy, they have the best snacks to spice up your drinks and the desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. Few of the highly recommended are listed below:

  1. HEALTHY CRAVINGS CO has the best snacks for you, to enjoy your drinks guilt-free and your not so health-conscious friends would love it. They have the best #healthyswaps for the vegans, Jains, and cheese lovers as well. They offer a wide variety of flavors in their makhanas and jowar puffs. Makhanas ( Lotus seeds or Fox nuts ) are low in cholesterol, sodium and saturated fats. They have an extremely good amount of protein and fiber thus having a bowl of fox nuts will fill you up and also keep the calories in check, which makes them ideal for weight watchers. Whereas, Jowar is rated among the top five healthy grains in the world. It improves digestion, boosts immunity, fights against free radicals, improves heart health and controls blood sugar level. Both of them are gluten-free, with a good amount of protein and fiber. Their flavors include the best of our Indian spices, cheddar cheese, herbs, and sundried tomatoes, basil and oregano, mint and the Himalayan touch of Himalayan pink salt and pepper. They are the lightest snacks ever without cholesterol, transfat, gluten, and dairy. You can indulge in their wide variety of snacks without worries. The best thing which makes them stand out is No artificial flavors, no preservatives, and the premium ingredients made with minimal processing which will keep your heart healthy. And they will also fit your office drawers perfectly. Make Healthy Cravings Co. your snack partner for this Valentine’s Eve and gift your loved ones their astonishing gift hampers. They also have a 7-Day Bundle of joy for you to sort out your whole week’s craving. SHOP HERE: https://www.healthycravingsco.com/
  1. SNACKIBLE was started by just another working guy who faced what most of us face i.e. the problem of “Snack Crunch ” and we often land up eating the unhealthiest readily available product. They have everything from the snacks to the desserts for the health freaks like us. Their products are categorized as gluten-free, high fiber, high protein, low calories, rich in antioxidants, calcium, and vitamin E.Snackible’s snacks include Whole Wheat Waffles, Himalayan Black Salt Apple Chips, Seedy Trail Mix, Hot Wasabi Peanuts, Cream, and Onion Wholewheat Thins, Seedy Crunchers, Herbs, and Cheese Makhana, and Baked Bhakarwadi. Their dynamic menu will help you fight your mid-meal hunger cravings in the healthiest way possible. Get their bestseller box which holds 11 bestseller snacks, specially made for the first-timers. They are also present offline in cafes and restaurants, vending machines, canteens, and gym outlets. SHOP HERE:https://www.snackible.com/
  1. POSHTICK Everyone loves Cake and the celebration begins with it, but only a few of us dig their teeth in it guilt-free. Poshtick makes your occasions healthier with their low-fat butter, wheat, and jaggery cakes. Their cookies and biscuits are made of Whole wheat flour, oats, and ragi. Grab that jar of cookies one more time for the nutrition in every bite. quinoa puffs, roasted namkeens, and trail mixes are made a lot more poshtick with zero trans-fat and zero cholesterol. Poshtick’s flagship product is the Finge (combo of fitness and binge) with three snacks and a healthy drink. They have a special box for diabetics with preventive healthcare which are available on weekly or monthly subscriptions. SHOP HERE:  http://www.poshtick.com/    
  1. ORGTREE  brings the best for us from the farms of Mandya, Karnataka.OrgTree’s goal to bring out healthy snack alternatives that consumers will not regret after having. Millets need no pesticide or unnatural processes to grow, and Orgtree manufactures millet snacks under the brand Kiru and each of the Kiru products is made by farmers end-to-end from growing crops to working in a production kitchen. Kiru offers Kiru Millet cookies, the Kiru health bar, and Kiru millet sticks. Customize your box of healthy millet snacks and gift your loved ones. They have the customized kids, office and travel snack box to fit all your needs. Incorporate this ancient grain into your diet with Kiru products and enjoy the health benefits of it. Orgtree has an online presence and delivers to all metropolitan and Tier-II cities. SHOP HERE:https://www.kiru.store/index.php
  1.  NUTRI SNACKS BOX  has the complete snack package for your eve starting from the varieties of pasta to crackers and puffs. They have gluten-free pasta all packed with the goodness of chickpeas, red lentil, and seven grains. Spice up your evening with their products like Mexican Strips, Fenugreek Crispies, spinach and herb strips, Cheese onion savory, soya bites, quinoa puff, and khakhra with a nutritional touch of methi, chilly garlic, and ragi. They all are low sugar, low fat, and rich in protein and fiber. Nutri snacks box offers a wide variety of products with amazing flavors and zero refined flour. Indulge in their oat cranberry and buckwheat cashew cookies guilt-free. The portion size of each packet is curated scientifically to avoid overeating & to take care of hunger pangs throughout the day. Select a box of your style small or medium and you can also customize your box according to your taste and preferences. Gift your loved ones this little pack of joy to make their beginnings a lot more robust.                  SHOP HEREhttps://nutrisnacksbox.com/

There is always something healthier and better available in the market, but it’s our lack of awareness that is keeping us limited to the unhealthy snack options. Snacking is never bad if done right. You can enjoy all your desserts and snacks guilt-free.


  1. No specific food will make you fat or thin, it’s your diet and overindulgence which is doing bad for your body.
  2. Always give priority to your fruits and veggies, they are rich in fiber and will keep you full for longer.
  3. Whenever you feel like grabbing a pack of chips, look for healthy alternatives like dry fruits, fruits, peanut butter sandwiches, frozen yogurt, dark chocolate, etc.
  4. Always keep 200 – 300 calories aside for your favorite food or a snack and don’t get too harsh on yourself. 
  5. Overeating of healthy foods will increase your weight just like other food items. It’s the calorie content that is playing the game here.

Don’t label any food as good or bad, the only thing which you should keep in mind is that to lose weight you have to be a calorie deficit. The serving size and the ingredients can fool you if you overlook them. Read the nutrition label correctly before buying the so-called healthy snacks available in the market.

Next post will be up on the blog about the Nutrition Labels and how can you make the best out of that small information box, which is given there. 🙂

Stay fit ! Stay active !

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