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Can crunches burn belly fat?


Still, wondering about whether crunches can burn belly fat? It’s not just you, many others do have this concern. So, let’s get into what crunches are all about and how you should do them to get better results. 

I want a flat and toned stomach.” – Said every woman who wants to fit into her dream dress and a man who probably wants those 6 – pack abs just like his favorite celebrity. 

With this desire, comes a common myth that says- “Do maximum crunches to get that flat stomach. ” But, do they help? Let’s get started and break this myth. 

This is that time of the year when many have already prepared a fitness regime for themselves. Every new year comes with a set of resolutions, and exercising daily still tops the list. From learning about how Zumba works to understand the whole theory of pilates for weight loss – I bet the research you might have done would be extensive. But, have you even incorporated crunches into your daily workout sessions? 

If you are new to this, crunches are among the most popular workout moves of all time and are dreaded too. It’s a type of exercise that mainly focuses on muscles in the stomach area. Hence, many people do say that crunches can burn belly fat, but is it true? Let’s check it out!

How can you do crunches? 

Before getting into whether crunches can burn belly fat, it’s important to understand how you can do it to get effective results. The best thing about doing crunches is, you won’t need any gym equipment to perform. Although, it would be great if you can use a yoga mat to avoid any injuries: 

● Lay on the floor, calm yourself down and take a few deep breaths

● Now lift your knees; your feet must be a hip’s width apart and keep your hands on your chest

● Contract your stomach, and place your hand on your head (back region)

● Inhale and pull up yourself, exhale and lie back on the floor. Now, Repeat it! 

But, can crunches burn belly fat? 

So, planning to burn that fat from the belly area, crunches can never do that. Not only crunches, but any exercise that claims to burn belly fat can never do that. That’s because the whole spot reduction (losing fats from a specific region) theory is a misconception. Hence, to lose belly fat, along with focusing on the belly region, you must also train your chest, back, thighs, arms, and shoulders. When you exercise your whole body, every muscle will change, thus promoting weight loss. 

Remember that, the more mass each muscle will gain, the more fat you will burn. 

How many crunches should you do a day for fat loss? 

You can do different core workouts to get a toned stomach. So, do what you like the most. Some amazing core workouts include planks, situps, side plank, and side bridge, to name a few. 

As mentioned previously, there is no exact number of crunch formulas available out there that can burn your belly fat. The whole concept of fat loss is unique to every individual. But in the initial days, starting with 50-60 crunches a day is a good number if you are in your early 20s. You can later increase the number to 100-150, whatever your body allows. 


core workout

Forget about that media hype about crunches. They alone are not sufficient, and you have to put in some extra effort to get your desired body. Also, ensure you focus on staying fit and healthy rather than just starving and dreaming about bodies that are viral on social media or probably on every other magazine cover. 

Life is more than that. So, staying fit and healthy and enjoying your favorite meal is the best way to stay fit physically and emotionally. Focus on your portion size, protein content, and other nutritional aspects. 

There are a plethora of exercises to choose from, so choose the one you love doing. 

Crunches alone are not the best way to burn belly fat. Because no matter how many abs you are making, the fat covered in your abdominal muscles will always show off. Hence, always take a holistic approach, focus on eating nutritious food, and you will be all set to look all good and feel all best this year!

Eat well! 

Feel good!

Live a healthy – happy life!

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