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Clear Skin 101: An Ultimate Guide to Treating and Preventing Breakouts


Urrr… I think acne breakouts are the most frustrating and challenging to deal with, affecting not only our physical appearance but also our self-confidence. Understanding the causes, prevention strategies, and effective breakout treatment options is crucial for achieving clear and healthy skin.  In this comprehensive guide, let’s delve into the various aspects of breakouts, discussing valuable insights and practical tips on how to effectively treat and prevent them. I. Understanding the Causes of Breakouts: a. Hormonal Imbalances: The hormonal changes…

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Can crunches burn belly fat?


Still, wondering about whether crunches can burn belly fat? It’s not just you, many others do have this concern. So, let’s get into what crunches are all about and how you should do them to get better results.  “I want a flat and toned stomach.” – Said every woman who wants to fit into her dream dress and a man who probably wants those 6 – pack abs just like his favorite celebrity.  With this desire, comes a common myth…

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Health and Fitness Resolutions for 2023


What kind of fitness resolutions can you make in a single year? All of us make New year’s resolutions, but how many of us follow them? Also, we have this habit of admiring the extremes. So, we end up setting unrealistic goals. That means many fail to take the time to assess their fitness levels, and they then end up coming up with new resolutions that are unrealistic or too difficult. New Year comes with new hopes and dreams, so…

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full body exercises

Full- Body exercises can help you target crucial muscle groups. Though, there are many different workouts to choose from. But, here are a few different full-body exercises you should add to your workout routine for sure. After all, it’s our right to look good and feel confident. Also, these exercises are among the most effective core exercises. TARGET ALL THE MUSCLES WITH THESE EXERCISES: PULL-UPS: This oldie goldie workout is often neglected because they are hard. Start with assisted pull-ups…

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Psychological facts: Food and Hunger

psychological facts about food and hunger

The psychology behind food and hunger is an intriguing topic, and there’s a lot you can learn from this. There are different ways in which our food choice are affected. So, in this post, we will discuss some psychological facts about food and hunger.  7 Amazing facts about food and hunger: One tends to eat unhealthy when feeling low. Emotional eating is when we eat because of our mood and not hunger. Our negative emotions lead us to poor food…

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