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How you can eat more and lose weight?


Yes, you read that right, just forget about your misconceptions about the word ‘DIET’. And, we will tell you how you can eat more and lose weight?

What does this word mean to you, is it something one should do forever to lose weight. So, lets clear this first misconception that dieting means starving yourself to lose some weight. Diet is the kind of food that a person habitually eats.

How you can lose weight by eating more?

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Most people confuse dieting with starving, but there’s bad news that when you are starving for longer periods, you’re losing vital muscle tissues and slowing down your metabolism as well.

When you starve , your body needs extra energy and the main source for energy is body fat so your body keeps it and starts using your muscle tissues, which brings you one step closer towards obesity. Studies show that 70% of weight loss that occurs from eating less comes from burning muscle (which is important for long term weight loss ) not fat.

You cant survive throughout your whole life starving, and when you start eating normally, your body considers it as extra calories, and eventually your weight increases again.

Another myth is that for weight loss you have to restrict CARBS, but too much restriction can put you into trouble as they are important for thyroid functioning and improper thyroid functions can cause weight gain.

No-Diet, So how can you reach your goals?

  1. Say yes to fiber and protein, increasing the fiber and protein content can help you lose weight without starving, they keep you fuller for longer periods.
  2. Swap high-fat snacks with better options like fruits, yogurt, protein bars , etc.
  3. Choose snacks that are rich in fiber and protein .

So baby, stop starving yourself to fit into your favorite dress and make better food choices and make sure you stay in your calorie limit. This will help you lose weight permanently and stay in shape forever. By changing your food habits slightly, you can change your lifestyle without any guilt and keep your favorite burger, pizzas for a cheat day.

Don’t eat less, just eat right! 🙂 🙂

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